Who We Are

Company Overview

  • Founded in 1975 by Fred & Nedra Mosey
  • Family Owned and Operated
  • 33 Employees in 32,000 sq ft. Anaheim Facility
  • AS9100 & ISO9001 Certified
  • Precision CNC Machining of Metals, Plastics, Castings and Forgings
  • Built on a foundation of family values and craftsmanship
  • Encourage a team environment that utilizes the skills of each employee
  • Building successful relationships to learn the needs of our customers
  • Provide innovative solutions and exceptional quality products
  • Focused on LEAN processes and innovative ideas. Our goal is to continually improve what we do

Family Owned

Founder Fred Mosey believed success hinged on building personal relationships to gain trust. This core value still serves as the cornerstone of our thriving company.

Critical Components

Moseys provides quality, precision manufacturing services to OEMs of global organizations. We produce a high mix of critical components in Healthcare, Aerospace, Hydraulics, Oil & Gas, Semiconductor, Food Processing and more.

Customer Intimacy

Moseys wants more than a spec sheet and a deadline. By better understanding customer goals, we are better equipped to address challenges and offer customizable solutions.

Precision Craftsmanship

The Moseys team of skilled craftsmen and engineers seek the perfect solution every time. We rely on an industry leading approach of processes and procedures that ensure efficient, cost-effective solutions.

Our People

More than craftsmen and engineers, Moseys is comprised of strategists, problem solvers and solutions providers who facilitate jobs from product inception to final packaging. We believe in collaborative, team-oriented approaches.

Our Mission

Moseys will provide our customers with continuously-improved manufacturing services.

Our Vision

To be, for our customers, the “Go To” company for all their manufacturing needs.

To have engaged employees contribute to a collaborative, innovative place of business with a unified direction for success.

Our Quality

Moseys Production Machinists is committed to providing the highest quality and service to meet and exceed all applicable requirements.

This is achieved through continuous improvement of our Quality Management System and monitoring of our Measurable Quality Objectives.

Our Values


Always be truthful. Even if it isn’t the answer they want to hear.


Consistency in what we say and do.

Customer Focused

Listen – Think – Solve – Perform.

Relationship / Caring

As we would for ourselves. So to our Customers, Employers and Suppliers.


Sharing of our God-given talents in all that we do. Including support of the Manufacturing Industry.

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